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Use Envicool air conditioners for modeling when applying 6SingmaDC doing data center thermal simulation


Just take 30 minutes to learn how to carry out thermal simulation for a data center? It is difficult if there is no easy-to-learn interface, rich and correct device library, accurate simulation analysis and diversified file formats. However, 6SingmaDC of Rainspur can easily realize it.

Rainspur launched 6SigmaDC Release 9.0, a thermal simulation software for data centers, in Shenzhen on December 11. R&D personnel and product personnel of Envicool attended the product launch.

The new version of 6SingmaDC software has more functions, can provide more accurate thermal simulation for data centers, easier for modeling and operation, database more perfect and stronger.

So far, Envicool has won recognition and good comments from many clientsat home and abroad by virtue of the diversified high-efficiency cooling solutions for data centers. From planning of the solutions to feasibility analysis, Envicool strictly controls each process. In design of cooling solutions for many data centers, Envicool used the 6SingmaDC software to carry out airflow distribution simulation and thermal simulation, so as to design suitable air flow volume and cooling capacity for the data center cooling system, further optimize the products and enable product customization.  

Fig.1: Modeling Diagram for 6SigmaDC Thermal Simulation of  a Data Center Equipped with Envicool CRAC

What is worth mentioning is that the database of 6SigmaDC Release 9.0 has a lot of data of Envicool CRAC and row-based air conditioners, making it available for more Envicool users to easily carry out modeling and thermal simulation for data centers  at 6SingmaDC software.  

Fig.2: Thermal Field Diagram for 6SigmaDC Thermal Simulation of  a Micro Module Data Center Equipped with Envicool Row-based Air Conditioners

NOTES: The 6SigmaDC software developed by UK Future Facilities and used for design and management of data centers and for heat dissipation analysis for electronic products. It is applicable for use by structural engineers, IT personnel, product managers, application engineers and design or maintenance personnel of data centers. What is most different between 6SigmaDC and other CFD software is that in addition to the application as a design tool, it can provide the most complete solution for thermal management of a data center. By using 6SigmaDC for analysis and simulation, users can reduce product design costs and the costs of operation and maintenance of infrastructures of the data centers and extend its service life.