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Envicool XRow® row-based air-conditioning system won Data Center Product Application Award


On November 28, China 2014 Annual Forum for Data Center Engineering Standardization, organized by CDCC and sponsored by the Information Communication Committee of CECS, was held in Beijing. Envicool was invited to the Forum and its XRow® row-based air-conditioning system won the Data Center Product Application Award. Envicool showed its XRow® row-based air-conditioning system and high-efficiency cooling solutions, which won favorable comments from delegates attending the Forum.

Fig.1: 2014 Annual Forum for Data Center Engineering Standardization

Fig.2: China Data Center Product Application Award for Envicool XRow® Row-based Air-conditioning System

With rich technologies, leading product development capacity and high-end technologies, Envicool has designed and provided XRow® row-based air-conditioning system and high-efficiency cooling solutions for many data centers. This reflected the company’s advantages in overall technologies integrated with cooling and energy saving. By utilizing innovative and leading-edge technologies, Envicool products had good performance in actual application and created value for the clients in respect of high reliability, energy saving property, maintainability, scalability and flexibility.

So far, the high-efficiency XRow® row-based air-conditioning system have been applied by users such as Tencent Micro Module Data Center, Alibaba Micro Module Data Center, China UnionPay Data Center, Micro Module Data Center of Supreme People's Court, Data Center of Sinopec Geophysical Prospecting Institute, as well as data centers of China Mobile and China Unicom, to help them solve the problem of cooling under high heat density, realize low PUE in the data centers, and win recognition and favorable comments from the clients.

Taking Tencent Micro Module Data Center in Pingshan, Shenzhen as an example, 60 micro modules were applied in the project and its cooling unit consisted of 300 sets of Envicool XRow® chilled water type row-based air conditioners to realize highly efficient cooling. In this project, high energy efficiency was realized via row-based cooling and cold aisle sealed technology, direct supply of HVDC + mains, chilled water and energy saving system and other technologies.

Fig.3: Inside of Micro Module and XRow Row-based Air-conditioning System Used in Tencent Data Center, Pingshan, Shenzhen

The Technical Indicators for Data Centers in China, compiled by CDCC and edited by Chen Chuan (deputy general manager of Envicool and one of the editors), was formally released on the Forum to serve the industry of data centers. This book provided the guidelines for building and operation of data centers and was highly circulated in the field of data centers.

Fig. 4: Chen Chuan, deputy general manager of Envicool (third from right), attended the book release as one of the editors.

The Forum was supported by the industry and technical experts from Uptime Institute, the Green Grid, UL, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other organizations were invited to make keynote speeches on the meeting. Totally 1000 delegates attended the Forum, including executives of CECS, experts from design institutes and manufacturers, experts in the field of data centers as well as reporters from news media.